Caring for Border Collies

Comforting the Aging Border Collie

Border collies are one of the best breeds because they are high spirited. Even when they are in the later stages of their lives, these dogs are usually passionate when it comes to working and exercising. You should not be surprised to find them still doing activities they did when they were younger. It is important to know ways of comforting the aging Border Collie because there are things that you may think are fine but are not doing any good for your dog.

There are some changes you may start to notice in your dog with time. Many of the changes will be caused by aging, and this means you have to adjust and make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible. People have different ways of looking after their pets when they age, but there are some ways that are important and applicable to every Border Collie. Below are some of the ways of comforting the aging Border Collie.

Adjust the exercise routine

While your dog may be willing to go after the ball, it doesn’t mean that he/she should. Border collies are usually prone to hip dysplasia and osteochondrosis dissections (OCD). This is a degenerative disease and you should always try your best to ensure that elderly dogs should minimize jumping, running, and any other type of exercise that puts a heavy pressure on their hip and leg bones. For exercising, you can teach them swimming, as it is good for the development of leg muscle and eases the pain of arthritis. If you take walks with the dog, ensure they are gentle.

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Switch to a diet that is suitable for elderly dogs

The time when you could let your dog have fatty scraps from the side of the table are long gone. You should be focusing on providing your dog with high-quality food that will provide them with nutrients and keep them going. Food that you buy from the vet’s office will be of better quality than anything you find at the supermarket. Introduce supplements like fish oil, which is great in helping dogs with joint problems. They also make the good taste better. Opening a capsule of fish oil and pouring the contents on the food of your dog will make it more nutritious and delicious.

Have a soft surface for the dog to sleep on

If your dog is used to sleeping on the couch or bed, then make an effort of building or buying a ramp that he can use to get on and off the bed with ease. The good thing with Border collies is that they have thick double coats, so they are not cold in winter. Just like in human beings, elderly dogs may have a problem when it comes to regulation of their body temperature. If this means you will be forced to get a blanket or a hot water bottle, then you have to do it.

Stop changing furniture position

Border Collies can be affected by a number of conditions that can affect their vision and sometimes blindness. Dogs can easily adapt to blindness when they are given the chance, but this means your days of rearranging your home are over. Changing the position of furniture in your home will make it difficult for the dog to get its bearing.

Once you start to follow the tips on comforting the aging Border Collie, your dog will be healthier and more comfortable. You will still be able to have fun together, provided you don’t stretch their physical limit.

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