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Your Guide To The Blue Merle Border Collie

Collies are one of the most beloved breeds of dogs in the entire world. Shows like Lassie have given people a strong appreciate for the intelligence and loyalty of these amazing dogs.

One popular variety of Collie is the Blue Merle Border Collie. These dogs have unusual spotted markings across their body.

If you want to learn more about these dogs, keep reading. Before long, you’ll be a Blue Merle expert.

Blue-Merle-Border-Collie-1024x714Merle Collies Are Unusual

The Merle pattern is the least common type of pattern found on Border Collies, and the Blue Merle pattern is particularly rare. This is partially because this type of pattern is difficult to breed. It can only be produced by breeding two Merle Collies together.

Because of this, the pattern is admired by many dog-lovers. Many people have praised the attractive look of this pattern. The Blue Merle Border Collie is highly sought after. Breeders often charge more for dogs with these types of markings.

All Border Collies Can Trace Their Lineage Back To A Single Dog

Many people think of Border Collies as being an older, established breed of dog. However, these dogs don’t have the long history that a lot of people think they do. As a matter of fact, every Border Collie can be traced back to a single dog, Old Hemp. This Collie was born in 1893.

Blue Merle Collies are even more unusual. Because this pattern did not begin to appear until after decades of breeding, these dogs are less than 100 years old.

bluemerlepuppyThey’re Extremely Intelligent

While many dogs are quite smart, Border Collies have all of them beat. The dogs consistently rank highly in a number of intelligence tests. They are particularly good at problem solving.

Because these dogs are so smart, they are fairly easy to train. If a dog receives the right kind of instruction, it can memorize commands that are very complex. If you want a well-trained pet in your home, you will definitely want to take a closer look at Border Collies.

Blue Merle Collies Are Fairly Healthy

A lot of people assume that Blue Merle Collies are less healthy than other types of Border Collies. While that was true at one point in time, it isn’t the case any longer.

At one point, this dogs were more likely to be blind or deaf. This was because of the selective breeding required to create this pattern. However, as time has gone on, these variety of Border Collie has become much healthier. Now, a Blue Merle isn’t likely to have any serious health problems.

border_collie_welpen_in_blue_merleThey Need A Lot Of Exercise

Border Collies were originally bred to be herding dogs. Because of this, they need to get a lot of exercise throughout the day. If you want to own one of these dogs, you will need to take them on long walks or give them time to run around on their own.

If you have a large yard, you should give your Collie a chance to run around each day. Your dog will really appreciate having the chance to run, play, and hone their natural instincts. If your dog is not able to burn off its natural energy, it may wind up acting out or misbehaving.

The Blue Merle Border Collie stands out from other types of Collies. Its beautiful markings are unexpected and rare. If you have been thinking about bringing a Collie into your home, you will want to take a closer look at this variety. While they require a lot of effort on the part of the owner, owning them can be extremely rewarding.

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