Caring for Border Collies

Tips For Exercising Your Border Collie

Most people have a general understanding of physical exercise for dogs and its importance in keeping them calm in the house. What most people never realize us that physical exercise goes beyond keeping a dog relaxed and calm, it is also important for the proper functioning of the dog’s body.

Despite being a domesticated breed, Border Collie are really not too far removed from their roaming ancestors. Border Collie, just like other flock protection and herding breeds, has developed through the centuries to become actively moving, traveling with farmers or herding flocks over some very rugged terrain in the world. This love for natural exercise is part of the breed’s heritage and is still visible today.

If you are the owner of a Border Collie, you probably already understand how energetic they can be. Regardless of how hard that you try to tire them out, they still continue playing, running, and chasing you.

Exercising your Border Collie every day is important for him or her to stay both mentally and physically healthy. Believe it or not, a Border Collie that is tired is also much easier to manage around your home.

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How Much Exercise Do Border Collie Need?

The first thing that you should understand is that they are dogs that have been bred for herding sheep, which is not an easy task. To be good at what they do it requires lots of thinking and stamina. So, while your Border Collie does not actually herd sheep around your home, he or she still requires an outlet for releasing that energy.

Physical activity is something very important to Border Collie. Lack of physical activity is the main reason why owners of this breed often struggle with their beloved pets. They fail to exercise their dogs adequately and the dogs in turn become stresses and agitated that leads to barking, chewing, digging, and various other behavioral issues.

In terms of the actual amount of exercise your Border Collie needs, the answer is quite simple – he or she needs to get as much as possible or at least 10 to 15 minutes daily of running. However, they definitely prefer more.

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Tips for Exercising Your Border Collie

You can use a variety of ways to give your Border Collie the exercise that he or she needs. Here are some great suggestions that you should consider trying. Keep in mind that you are not just limited to the following tips. They are here just to provide even more ideas.

Playing Fetch – If you have a Border Collie that knows how to play fetch, the you are definitely in luck. Fetch is a wonderful way to have your dog running around while both of you are having fun.

Start Running With Your Border Collie – Consider taking your dog with you while you have your morning run. If you do not already do morning runs you could always start.

Getting A Playmate For Your Dog – This is definitely not an option for all. However, if you can afford another dog and have the space, it is something that you can do. The two dogs can keep one another company while you are away at work.

Start Taking More Walks – Take your dog on walks more regularly. It is a good way to socialize your dog and keep him or her active.

Letting The Dog Run Around In A Large Fenced Yard – While it can be a bit lonely for your beloved pet to play alone, having a large fenced yard is an excellent way to give the dog an opportunity to stretch his or her legs.


Exercise plays a major role in the life of a Border Collie. Exercising your Border Collie should not be hard if you follow the tips discussed in this article. So, follow on the tips discussed in this article to have the healthiest dog possible.

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