Caring for Border Collies

Border Collies and the Boredom Factor

Border Collie is a dog breed which is active, playful, and energetic. Many also consider them as one of the most intelligent dogs on the planet. With these great qualities, Border Collies can be great pets with the proper dog training and care.


Full of energy and smart, Border Collies requires physical and mental stimulation. Without it, these dogs can get bored quickly and may develop unwanted behaviors. This article will give tips how to prevent dog boredom, so read on.



History of Border Collies


Border Collies originated from farms in the border between England and Scotland. In the early days, sheep were very difficult to herd without the use of dogs. After World War I, Border Collies were imported by farmers and were used to herd not only sheep, but cattle, hens, ducks, ostrich, and pigs as well.


Dogs of this breed are excellent in agility, jumping, and tracking. Their good sense of smell makes them good police dogs trained at substance detection, arson investigation, and search and rescue. Their friendly disposition also made them popular as therapy dogs.


Characteristics of Border Collies


As working dogs, Border Collies have an instinctive desire to herd. In fact, they will herd anything that moves: children, cats, even moving vehicles. One of the smartest dogs, it can think, reason, and make individual decisions for himself.


Being an active dog, a Border Collie constantly needs physical and mental stimulation. Without it, it will find other things to entertain himself with. This dog is also a great escape artist. Border Collies can go over, under, or even chew a fence if it has to.


Border Collies are social dogs. They love human interactions and companionship. Generally, they get along well with children. But sometimes due to its natural instincts, a group of kids running and playing around might be “herded” by a Border Collie, and it may resort to nipping as a means to control the children.


Why Do Border Collies Get Bored So Easily?


Many dog lovers consider Border Collies as one of the smartest dogs in the world. They learn new tricks quickly, are good in solving problems and challenges, and are very alert to their surroundings.


On the downside, their intelligence can have an unwanted consequence – they get bored pretty easily. Without mental stimulation, Border Collies may resort to unwanted behaviors like nipping your home furniture or exploring outside your backyard.


Originally bred as sheep dogs, Border Collies are active, agile, and energetic. Lack of physical activity will make your beloved pet bored and uninspired. Boredom can push the dog to entertain itself, with undesirable results (nipping, escaping, and chewing on things).


How to Prevent Dog Boredom



  • Make sure your dog has enough exercise – Border Collies are full of energy, and physical activity makes them happy. Walking your dog around the neighborhood will provide physical and mental stimulation; it will also give your Border Collie the opportunity to socialize and explore its surroundings.


  • Play with your dog – Playing games with your Border Collie is not only enjoyable; it is a great way for your dog to release pent-up energy. Play a game of fetch, or have your dog catch a Frisbee. A game of tag is fun, with you chasing your Border Collie all over the backyard (see if you can outrun your dog). You can also play hide and seek inside the house.


  • Teach your dog new tricks – Border Collies are very smart, and in most cases, they will learn new tricks quickly. One of the basic tricks is the shake. Lift its paw and say “shake.” Then, hold your hand near its paw and repeat the word. To teach him to roll over, put a treat in front of his face and move it in a circular motion. Say “roll over” and encourage him to follow the treat using his head and body. Give him tons of praise if he performs well.



  • Give your dog a toy – Providing a toy for your dog to play with is one of the best means to keep your Border Collie busy. A ball is a popular toy that dogs can chase around and nibble. There are also more interactive ones such as food dispensing toys like the Kong Wobbler.


  • Engage your Border Collie in a canine sport – Agility is a canine sport wherein a handler directs a dog thru an obstacle course in a race for time and accuracy. Handlers give commands by voice, movement, and body signals. Disc dog or Frisbee is a fun sport where your dog catches a flying disc. It requires timing and coordination.



How to Take Care of a Border Collie


If you want to have a Border Collie as a pet, please keep in mind that owning one entails responsibility and commitment. Border Collies can live up to 12 years or more, depending on the dog’s health and living conditions.


A pet requires love, attention, food, space, exercise, and veterinary care. Usually, a dog lover may see a cute puppy and eventually decide to take it home. But one day, this adorable puppy will grow into a full-sized animal that needs lots of care and attention.


Before acquiring a Border Collie, make sure that you’re financially and emotionally capable of taking care of it. Ask yourself, “Why do I want a Border Collie as a pet?” There are right and wrong reasons for owning a Border Collie.


The primary reason why you want a Border Collie should be the desire to have a companion that you can enjoy doing activities with. You should also be able to provide food for the dog ($100 a month) and pay for veterinary fees ($250 per year).


You should have adequate space both inside and outside the house, so your pet can move around freely. Spending quality time with your Border Collie is a must. Border Collies are great companions and they will give you unconditional love and attention.


On the other hand, there are also wrong reasons for acquiring a Border Collie. Getting one because of emotions alone (you find the puppy cute or you pity a lost dog that you saw on the street), without planning and foresight is a recipe for future disappointment. You might just end up giving your pet to a dog shelter, and that’s not good.


Before taking home a cute puppy, make sure that you have the financial means to properly take care of it. Border collies are active and energetic. You must have the time to exercise the dog and participate in physical activities. The house should have adequate space for it to run and play around.




Border Collies are active, playful, and smart dogs. With proper training and care, they can be great pets that will give years of joy and companionship. If you want to own one, make sure that you can provide the necessary physical and mental stimulation so they won’t get bored.


Some of the things that you can do to address dog boredom are the following: make sure your dog has enough exercise, play with your dog, teach your dog new tricks, give your dog a toy, and engage your Border Collie in a canine sport.



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