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Basic Information on Brown Border Collie Puppies

Description of Border Collie Puppies

The Border Collie puppies are well known for growing up to be working dogs, they are medium sized with a slightly longer body than tail. The top of a Brown Border Collie puppies head is relatively flat and their muzzle and skill are around the same length, they have very strong teeth even when young and their teeth meet in a scissors bite.

Generally a Border Collie puppies eyes are brown, there is the exception of the merles which could have one eye or both eyes that are blue, their eyes are oval in shape and set well apart. Their ears, which are also set well apart are medium sized, they will be held either medium erect or fully erect. If you look at a Border Collie puppies legs from the front they are straight, however glancing from the side they look slightly sloping.

Cute chocolate Border Collie puppies, 7 weeks old

Their tails are set low, they reach at least down to the hock and are medium sized, it will however rise a bit when your dog becomes excited. Border Collie puppies have a weather resistant double coat which is close fitting and very dense. There are however two coat varieties: a rough, coarse coat which will be around three inches (7.6 cm) in length and a more sleek and short coat which is around one inch (2.5 cm) in length.

You can find Border Collie puppies coats in either tricolor, black and white, black and gray, red and white, sable, yellow and white, yellow and of course all black. Border Collies puppies
with the longer hair should have a tail and mane brush although the hair on their ears, face and front legs is always very sleek and short. Conformation will vary widely with Border Collie puppies, this is due to the fact that they are bred for intelligence and working abilities, not for physical looks and beauty.

The Temperament of Brown Border Collie Puppies

This is a breed which is highly intelligent and fully aware of it´s surroundings, their training as they grow up can be to a very high degree. This breed thrives on praise and is known for being one of the hardest working dogs.

They are actually well known as some of the leaders in a variety of sports, they excel in obedience, sheep dog trials, agility skills and Frisbee. They love these competitions, they fit in with their character, this is why they are often used in them and for the most part win. This is the ideal bred for those interested in making it far in the world of dog sports. Being as they were originally bred as farm hands, farmers are also ideal partners for Border Collie puppies.


The Border Collie has amazing stamina and energy that seems to never end. If a Border Collie gets enough exercise and is offered a variety of activities to keep them busy, they easily get along with other dogs and are great companions for children. If however you do not show them complete leadership, they can be quite aggressive with dogs of the same sex. Although there are many Border Collie puppies that get along splendidly with home cats, they cannot be simply trusted around unknown, non canine, small pets.

The brown Border Collie puppies are a very sensitive breed, it is crucial that to prevent shyness, as a puppy they are allowed and encouraged to socialize. The keys to a Border Collie puppies happiness is faithful leadership, plenty of exercise on a daily basis and a job to keep their mind occupied. It is important to be the firm, consistent and confident %u201Cpack leader%u201D for this breed or they can be very dominant. They are perfectionists by nature, they aim to always please and serve their partners day in and out. If you are planning on inviting a Border Collie puppy into your life it is important to make sure you can offer it all the attention, leadership, exercise and love that it needs to thrive and be happy.

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