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Adding Purebred Border Collie Puppies To Your Family

Border collies are intelligent, strong and faithful. They’ve always been popular as pets as well as working dogs, but you need to enter into a relationship with purebred border collie puppies fully prepared for the challenges that await you! This guide will give you some useful pointers.

The Advantages Of The Border Collie

Of all its positive traits, the intelligence of the border collie is probably the most remarkable and well-known. These dogs are incredibly inventive problem solvers, and they take the initiative to find their own solutions to challenges that face them.

Border collies are also famous for their herding abilities, which are bred in deep. Border collies make terrific family dogs for this reason, but their protective instincts need to be nurtured and trained for their (and your!) safety.

Properly-trained purebred border collie puppies will grow into faithful companions that will be a beloved part of your family for the next fifteen years. They’re affectionate, loyal, and fun-loving dogs that play well with children, other dogs, and even pets from other species.

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Socialization Of Border Collie Puppies

As noted above, border collies are first and foremost herding dogs. This means they rarely have any trouble socializing with humans or other animals as long as you lay down a solid foundation for their behavior when they’re still puppies. Growing border collies should be exposed to new situations and allowed to meet new people and animals whenever possible. Just remember to verify that the situations you’re introducing your pups to are safe for them!

Inadequate socialization and training are responsible for a lot of the potential negative behaviors you have to worry about with border collies. Without firm guidance from your, your border collie may grow up without any firm ideas about what is and is not appropriate to herd. This is why improperly-trained border collies have a reputation for chasing anything and everything. When their list of potential “herdables” includes things like strange pedestrians and cars in the street, collies can easily get themselves into trouble!

Border Collie Challenges

Besides their innate need to herd, border collies also possess sky-high amounts of physical energy. These are dogs that will thrive on multiple long walks every day, and they’re perfectly happy to spend most of their waking hours playing, running, and exerting themselves. Simply keeping up with border collie puppies can be a challenge; you’ll need to have both time and attention to spare to meet the dogs’ needs.

Border collies were originally bred for the working life on large farms and ranches. Fortunately, purebred collies don’t actually need vast acres of space in order to stay happy and healthy. The things they do require are frequent stimulation and physical activity. You’ll be able to tell if your border collie pup is feeling bored or lonely! The breed is known for troubling barking and chewing behavior when the dogs don’t get sufficient activity. Bored border collies also turn into canine escape artists, capable of finding the weak point in all but the stoutest of fences. Keep your collie puppies engaged and active to avoid runaways and other adverse situations.

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The Economic Side Of Purebred Border Collie Puppies

As you’re probably well aware, purebred puppies of any breed are expensive. This is certainly true with the vast majority of border collies that come from reputable breeders, and four-figure prices are not uncommon for dogs with particularly strong bloodlines. Prices can vary from breeder to breeder and region to region, though, so you should take the time to shop around before picking out a breeder to work with.

You’ll also need to marshal some significant additional resources to make sure you can care for your new puppies in the way they deserve. As a general rule of thumb, plan to spend about one and a half times the cost of a purebred border collie on food, veterinary care, and supplies in its first year. (Thus if you pay $1000 for your puppy, expect to shell out $1500 to take care of it in the next 12 months.)
Though the border collie isn’t a good fit in every home, families that are capable of giving these dogs the stimulation and attention they crave will find it well worth the effort. Border collie puppies quickly grow into athletic, active companions that are a joy to be around. If you want to bring one of these beautiful black-and-whites into your life, just make sure you’re prepared for the demanding job of raising a purebred puppy properly!

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